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Welcome to PRO Office Services . . . Bear

Why are we at Providing support through deadlines and equipment meltdowns has been Griz, a Himalayan Sealpoint cat with an attitude, and Bear, a very friendly German Shepherd/Labrador/Collie mix. In recognition of their unwavering support, we chose to locate at

PRO Office Services was started in 1983 as Professional Word Processing. I decided to start a secretarial/office assistant business using my extensive experience and training using WordStar on the latest CPM Sanyo 64K computer that had two 5 ½" floppy drives. After several years, the name was changed to better reflect the variety of support services available. Several computers and printers later, we are still providing individualized service for each of our valued clients as a virtual assistant.


PRO Office Services
Oak Park, Illinois

Need a office support service not listed (e.g., transcription)? Feel free to ; through our affiliations and networking contacts we may be able to find a solution.

Online Affiliations
Linkedin -
ABSSI (Association of Business Support Services International) - Member
Making Pages in a Digital World - Member
Freecyle (Oak Park) - Member


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